A lot of teenagers now would be very afraid to ask their parents about buying them a new phone especially that they are not used to it and they are scared that their parents will scold them for asking something that is too much and expensive as well. We all know that most of the parents would think that owning a phone is not a need but it is under to their wants only and most of the kids or teenagers would not settle to something that is not new or they don’t want to accept the fact that they are going to use the refurbished cell phones only as they believe that this is not going to be fine or the warranty and life quality of this one would not last for many years but some others would make this one as an excuse but the truth here is that this phone won’t last for a long time because of the fact that they would not use this one for at least one year as a new model and brands of phones will be coming out after a few months.

If you really want to buy a new phone, then you need to consider the one that you can be using for a long span of time and not because this is the latest as you need to consider as well the price of it or else your parents would be very mad at you and they would complain even more to you. It is a good way to find the best one is through making a good comparison of all the phones that you want and try to write some key points and advantages of using them and in this manner, you would get the phone that you want and you would not regret when it comes to getting your dream phone.

Think of so many reasons that your mom would say that they don’t want you to buy this one or the reasons why they would not accept to get this phone. It could be about the overall price of the phone or because you have bought a new phone recently and they are thinking that it is not a must for you to get a new one. If you want to assure that you will get positive feedback, then you need to find the perfect time and when they are not in a bad mood so that they would be feeling mad at you.

If you prepared for the possible reasons why they would say no to you, then you need to make a good excuse and reasons as well on why do you need to buy a new phone and this might be a good help to you later. Show to your parents that it is worthy of you to have a new phone and by doing some household chores at home, they would think that you are a responsible person and kid to them.